A slow week?

My apologies for the lack of posts. It’s not because of a lack of things to say. For a couple of weeks I’ve been planning a special Bass Week, and a special Drum Week, and a few standard posts on songs and stuff, as well as a long post on a two-part episode of St Elsewhere called Time Heals, and oh, loads of other stuff.

But this week I find myself busy as a bee with a very long to-do list.

Last week I got a new job, and next week I start said job. I’m going to be working a few days a week – as a copy-editor still – in London for a multinational internet media company in the travel, leisure and entertainment fields. So the plan is to move to London in the near future. Which means that this week I’ve begun flat-hunting while trying to prepare for next week and clear up all my outstanding editing work so I don’t start this new job while mired in a backlog of old work. I’m pretty good at time-management and prioritising workloads and such, but some things had to give and this blog is one of them, unfortunately, as I still wanted to do some musical stuff in the evenings as time allows.

I’m hoping to post something tomorrow once I get back from my south-London flat-hunting adventures. In the meantime, take care y’all.

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