Farewell, 2018

So the end of another year. I hope you’re all well and have made it to the end of this one unscathed. It’s a worrisome year we’ve got coming up here in the UK; I have a feeling that, more than ever, we’ll have to take our small pleasures where we can find them.

Doing this, not that you’d know it from the infrequency with which I post, is one of mine. I won’t promise to posting more this coming year – it didn’t go well last year. I’ll just see how it goes. But I’d like to thank anyone who reads this blog for keeping patience with me. I know there are some regulars out there, and I’m very grateful to you.

To round off the the year, here a few things I did in 2018 that I liked, if you didn’t catch them first time round.

Thanks again, and a Happy New Year to you!

I’ve Never Heard… Hotel California by the Eagles

I’ve Never Heard… The Wall by Pink Floyd

Long Strange Trip

The Lookout – Laura Veirs

A Love of Your Own – Ned Doheny

Veteran Artists Who Went New Wave

Everybody Knows – The Jayhawks

Shame – Evelyn “Champagne” King

Scream for Me, Sarajevo

Double Live Gonzos, Part 1: MTV Unplugged in New York – Nirvana


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